'e' Integration Toolkit

The 'e' Integration Toolkit is designed to help businesses in southwest Indiana use the initiative to mobilize employees in the community, attract and retain talent, and be a part of everything that makes life here great. Keep reading for easy engagement how-tos and real examples from around the community.

How can I make my own ‘e’?

See how to take ownership of the brand by creating your own unique e.Details

How can I incorporate ‘e’ with my brand?

Find creative ways to show your support for the initiative.Details

How do I add 'e' to my website?

Southwest Indiana is part of your story. We want to help you tell it.Details

Can ‘e’ present to our business and team?

How to create opportunities to connect in the workplace.Details

Where can I get ‘e’ swag?

You can champion the cause just by displaying the ‘e’ for all to see.Details

How can our team get involved with 'e'?

See how making a difference starts at work.Details

How can our business connect and contribute to 'e' online?

We’re your biggest fan. Will you be ours?Details

How can I get 'e' materials for my event?

See the resources we can offer for special events. Details