Use your website to show new talent, business partners, and customers that southwest Indiana is a community with economic vitality and industrial strength. Include the e is for everyone logo on your website and share a blurb about why you're excited to call Greater Evansville home.


1) Add the e is for everyone logo to your website’s footer

The footer offers website visitors additional navigation options and information about your company. People scroll to it for your contact details, location, and other ways to engage with you online. This is a good place for the logo because they're already seeking more about your business. We recommend adding the e is for everyone logo to your existing footer and linking to

Right click to download or click to download from the brand guide.

2) Feature Greater Evansville on your website's homepage

Your website's homepage is like a welcome mat. It's a great opportunity to introduce them to Greater Evansville, our vibrant energy, and our boundless opportunity. Have you seen our free photo library? It provides businesses, institutions, and non-profits with inspiring photography of the Evansville region for use in materials that promote our community. Find one that you love, add it to your home page, and include a call to action that encourages people to explore our community. 

3) Create a page about our community

You have a page about your business, why not create one about why southwest Indiana is good for business? Website visitors that hit your about page are looking for the story behind your business and your community is a big part of that story. Show them why Greater Evansville is a great place to live, work, and play. To get started, check out all the facts and local information we compiled on Evansville and the cities that make up southwest Indiana. 

The e is for everyone logo is free to use to support the mission and the values of this community initiative.

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