How to Incorporate ‘e’ with Your Brand

Southwest Indiana is a place of industrial strength capitalized by a diversity of business. From local stores to corporate headquarters, each has a unique opportunity to help people connect, contribute, and celebrate in our community.


1) Product or service

We have a lot of diverse industries providing products or services that are put back into our community. What are some items that you use every day to serve your customers? Packaging? Paperwork? Those are the kinds of things that will encourage civic pride to permeate our region.



2) Storefront

Your front door is your customer's first impression. Don't you want them to feel welcome? Using your storefront to promote inclusiveness can be as easy as applying an e is for everyone sticker to your door or creating an e is for everyone window display.




3) Vehicle

Service or delivery vehicles have high visibility in the community and can act as a mobile billboard for your business. An e is for everyone decal on the back window emphasizes your commitment to the quality of place in southwest Indiana to both local and visiting motorists. 


4) Billboard

Some of Evansville's most traveled roads are lined with billboards and many local businesses prioritize this type of traditional marketing because it casts a wide net. Because they're highly-visible and eye-catching, billboards are great for telling the community that you're fired up about southwestern Indiana.


5) Environmental graphics

Incorporating e is for everyone environmental graphics at your location can be as small as adding a decal to your door or as big as adding custom graphics throughout your building. Many area businesses have created large window clings donning their unique 'e' or exterior signs showcasing the diversity of their talent.


The e is for everyone logo is free to use to support the mission and the values of this community initiative.


It's easy to add 'e' to your brand!

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