Are you looking for ways to mobilize employees, both in the workplace and in the community? We want to help you challenge your team to contribute their time and skills to improve southwest Indiana and live out the message behind this initiative.

1) Volunteer Time Off

Many businesses in our region offer employees Volunteer Time Off (VTO) or paid time off to give back to the community. Studies show that there are a number of benefits, including recruitment, talent retention, and corporate visibility. We help local non-profits and community events find volunteers. We also recruit community champions to positively promote our city in ways that help us to stand out.

2) Internal Community Champions

Do you have internal groups, committees, or leaders committed to improving morale in the workplace? These individuals are already serving as community champions. How can they also coordinate with your businesses goals to identify opportunities for incorporating e is for everyone into other internal initiatives? 

Internal Community Champions Meeting


There are a lot of organizations in our community that need volunteers. 


See a list of non-profits in our area.

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