How 'e' Can Present to Your Business and Team

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that displays a high level of social responsibility. That means motivated and engaged employees are great for business. You can use e is for everyone as a platform for influencing employee engagement.

1) Lunch and learn

Community champions will prepare a one-hour presentation detailing the opportunities to connect, contribute, and celebrate in our region. Employees have the chance to ask questions, hear about resources that support their interests, and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities. The date, time, and details are customizable to fit your organization's schedule.

2) Community champion orientation

A community champion orientation can be done after hours on your campus or a location that you choose. It can also be limited to your company or open to the public. Community champions will prepare a brief presentation, field questions, and explain the various ways to get involved. The remaining time is available for eating, mingling, or an activity. 

3) Town halls and celebrations

If you have a company-wide meeting or party and want to have an e is for everyone presence, community champions can attend and bring banners and swag. We can give a five-minute presentation on the importance of the three C's (connect, contribute, celebrate) or incite positivity by mingling with the crowd.


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