be a champion

The role of a Greater Evansville Community Champion is to positively promote our city. A community champion lives out the spirit of e is for everyone in their daily lives - at work, in their neighborhood, at school, or at the grocery store. They focus on sharing positive experiences and developing new ways to encourage connectivity and inclusion among the residents of Greater Evansville. A community champion proudly takes ownership of this initiative and makes it their own.

Here's how Community Champions support e is for everyone:

  • Speak positively about Greater Evansville, support local businesses and organizations, and contribute to the all-around betterment of our community.
  • Serve as a community advocate by educating yourself about the initiative and integrating it into your daily activities. 
  • Recruit more Community Champions (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.).
  • Engage with e is for everyone on social media and include #eisforeveryone in your own posts.
  • Volunteer at local events, wear your e-shirt, and overall be present in our community.

Examples of how Community Champions get more involved:

  • Community events
    • Activities include: Assisting event organizers, securing volunteers, providing e-swag, manning an information table, and more. 
  • Community outreach
    • Activities include: Speaking to businesses and community organizations, attending Community Champion orientations or other e is for everyone events, meeting one-on-one with people interested in the initiative, and more.
  • Community awareness
    • Activities include: Coordinating special projects that increase awareness of e is for everyone, working with businesses and organizations to incorporate the initiative into their brand, determining how e is for everyone fits with existing community initiatives.


Meet your Community Champion leaders! 
Mary Allen and Leslie Eades are your main points of contact. They help organize, lead, and facilitate the Community Champion meetings and volunteer efforts. They also determine our ongoing needs and provide direction to the Community Champions for successful implementation of ideas and projects.

Connect with them: 

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Community Champion Facebook Group

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