What is e is for everyone?

e is for everyone is a community branding initiative. Our mission is to create a platform where everyone can connect with someone or something new, find a way to contribute to the community, and celebrate together what makes our region great.

The primary goal is to generate and elevate a positive perception of the Evansville Region. Based on extensive community listening, the brand is built upon the aspirations you have set for our community. 


Who started the e is for everyone initiative?

Bringing the e is for everyone initiative to life has been 100% a grassroots effort. The initiative grew out of community listening. More than 100 diverse individuals and organizations contributed through surveys, focus groups, and discussions about what the brand should be. From there, a small group of local marketing professionals came together to form an organization called THREAD. With support and advice from several community leaders, THREAD initiated the logistics and creative work needed to launch and maintain the brand. 


Why did the e is for everyone initiative start?

Between 2013-2015, several community leaders saw a need to celebrate the positive wave of momentum that was occurring in the Evansville Region. Additionally, there was a desire to unify segments of our community, shift the perception of Evansville as an unhappy community, and attract and retain talent — especially from the Millennial generation. 


How is the initiative funded?

e is for everyone is privately funded by local businesses and organizations. 100% of funds raised go directly to funding the initiative. With so many moving parts, donations support everything from t-shirts and pop-up banners to website maintenance and billboards.


Can I volunteer with e is for everyone?

YES! We love any and all volunteers. The easiest way to find out about volunteer opportunities is to sign up to be a Brand Champion. Click here for more details.


What are the future goals for e is for everyone?

The main goal is to create a shift in our community — to enhance the way we think and speak about Evansville. We want to shift our focus to the positive attributes of our region. And, when faced with challenges, we want our first thoughts to be, "What can I do to make this better? How can I contribute to my community and be part of the solution?"

Ideally, the e is for everyone initiative will increasingly become community-driven over the next several years. Everyday we want to see more and more individuals and organizations integrating the brand into their daily operations.


What are Brand Champions?

Brand Champions are a group of self-appointed volunteers who are passionate about the Evansville Region and want to see it flourish. Brand Champions connect with and listen to members of the community, contribute their time and talent to bolster our community, and act as ambassadors for Southwest Indiana wherever they go.

A Brand Champion lives and breathes this initiative everyday. They focus on sharing stories and developing strategies to create an awareness and loyalty among Evansville residents and the general public.

Click here for more details.


How do I make my own “e”?

Anyone can make their own “e” — individuals, groups, businesses, etc. There are no rules and you can do no wrong. You don't need to be a graphic designer or spend a lot of money. All that matters is that you create an "e" that reflects you, your community, organization, or company.

Once you create your “e”, share it on social media and be sure to tag us so we can share it too!

See examples of community-made e’s here.