Meet our people. Hear their stories.


You learn a lot about a place by meeting its people. Between the life-long locals and the newly relocated, there's an abundance of compelling people and perspectives in the Evansville Region. Here are some nice humans we thought you'd like to know.

Kim's e-story: The Sound of Evansville

Kim is complex, yet incredibly relatable. Kim’s passionate about the community she calls home and uses her superpowers for good any chance she gets.
Kim's e-story

Abby's e-story: A Great Place to Be

If a rainbow was a person, Abby Murphy would be it. She’s vibrant, cheery, and colorful. A refraction of light that brings a smile to everyone she meets.
Abby's e-story

Moving Here

From across state lines or across oceans, they've put roots down in our region. Now, watch them grow.


Zach's e-story: A City of Growth

Zach Garcia chose the Evansville Region to make an environmental impact. If you ask him, he’d say that he “has an environmental and ecological agenda” and he’s “not leaving until it’s finished!”

Stephanie's e-story: Community Within Community

As a newcomer to the Evansville Region, Dr. Stephanie Young has found her community within the community through her passion for running with the 812 Running Club.

Annalisa's e-story: Something Good is Brewing

How many times a day do you think about quitting your job and opening a coffee shop?
For Annalisa Thewis, it’s not just an empty threat, but a reality that this Gen-Z business owner is building in Henderson, KY!

Dom's e-story: A Place for Opportunity

When Dominic Poggi moved to Evansville, he knew that something was missing… something never-before-seen in the Region… something that pairs flippers and pucks… You guessed it! Underwater Hockey!

Diana's e-story: A Supportive City

In a world where borders often define our identities, Dr. Diana Rodriguez Quevedo's story stands as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the unwavering dream of creating a more inclusive community.

e-story Coming Soon!

Here are some nice humans we thought you'd like to know.

We Came Back

Each left for different reasons. But something called them home.

Brad's e-story: A Sense of Purpose

While other Purdue students were busy doing Fountain Runs during Boiler Gold Rush, Brad Niemeier was honing his entrepreneurial spirit by selling pizzas out of his dorm room. Who’s a better test audience for wild pizza flavors than college students?!

Chris's e-story: A Setting for Success

Chris Johnson is a ball of energy. Literal Golden Retriever energy: always smiling, always ready to help, and always spreading unwavering positivity!
By day, you'll find Chris as the Talent Connection Manager at Ivy Tech, where he's like a career cupid, connecting students with golden opportunities. Then, after hours, he transforms into the wizard behind IGOTBOOM, LLC, sprinkling innovation dust wherever he goes! 

Jaimie's e-story: Living Small to Impact Big

We are convinced that Jaimie Sheth is a superhero in disguise. That’s the only *logical* way to explain how quickly she makes such a huge impact around the world without breaking a sweat!

Melissa's e-story: Putting Down Roots

When Melissa Falconett left the Evansville Region 15+ years ago, she didn’t imagine returning, much less planting roots, but her passion for historic preservation drew her back to make her mark here.

e-story Coming Soon!

Here are some nice humans we thought you'd like to know.

e-story Coming Soon!

Here are some nice humans we thought you'd like to know.

No Better Place 

Locals, lifers - call them what you want. These Hoosiers are happy to be here.

Carmen's e-story: A Community for Life

Growing up in Evansville, Carmen Alford has found her niche here through the University of Evansville and an active group of friends in the city.

Ben's e-story: Making a Difference

East side of Evansville born and raised, on the playground is where Ben Trockman spent most of his days. Whether that is completely accurate or not, Ben does love this community and has a passion for making it an even better place.

Mo's e-story: A Place for Everyone

Around here, we’re known for our Hoosier Hospitality, and Mo Hobgood lays it on thicker than your grandma’s cornbread. Mo is a visionary with a mission of inclusivity that rings through the walls of her two regional establishments.

Newcomer Services

Chat with Abby!

Abby has a passion for improving and leaving her mark on the Evansville, Indiana region. As a leader at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP), she has done just that. Abby is the Marketing Director at E-REP where she works to tell the region’s authentic story and improve the quality of life for residents in the Evansville region. She is the creator behind Self.e Alley (a mural alley) in downtown Evansville and leads the region’s e is for everyone initiative that shares the region’s authentic story, and encourages each person—no matter their background or interest—to connect, contribute and celebrate the Evansville Region.

Fun facts about Abby:

Abby has been told she’s a human jukebox
Is happily unhinged (the spiciest of the neuro-spicy)
A girl mom (x2) to the most precious angel on this earth and a feral raccoon – equally loved
Not originally from the Evansville region

Chat with Ashley!

By day, Ashley (they/them) is the Communications Specialist for the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership, where they showcase all that the Evansville Region has to offer, including economic development, business highlights, and quality of place projects. Outside of the office, they are the President of River City Pride, the LGBTQIA+ organization of the Region. When asked for a quote for this bio, they said: “I can’t deny it, I’m a f*cking riot.” 😊

Fun Facts about Ashley:

Thespian – my degree is in Theatre with an emphasis in Stage Management. I worked professionally in theatre until 2020.
Pitbull parent to Hippo & Tucker
Queer AF
Dolly enthusiast – Praise be