You’re on mute. Time to unmute in the Evansville Region!

Remote Work Program

Do you work remotely? 

Are you willing to relocate to Evansville, Indiana? 

How does getting paid $5,000 cash + local incentives sound? 

It's time to make the move!  But you better act fast because our program is CRUSHING IT!! 


Affordable living? Check. Thriving downtown scenes? Double-check. Nature showing off like it's in a contest? Triple-check. The only thing missing? You. 

Are you eligible? 

It's simple to find out which offers you qualify for. The application process starts with a quick eligibility check, and the Make My Move team won't waste your time if the Evansville region isn't for you! 

Is this for real? 

Uh huh. Check it below. 

These US cities will pay you up to $15,000 to move there

Life in the United States is pretty expensive these days. Between seemingly eternal inflation, high interest rates, and the exorbitant cost of healthcare, many Americans are looking for ways to keep more hard-earned dollars in their bank account.

$5,000 and more to qualifying remote workers

Evansville: a place you can live, work, and even play, but there’s always room for more people. That’s where organizations like the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership and Make My Move come onto the scene.

Remote Work Program Launches

In February 2023 the Evansville region announced the launch of a pilot program to recruit 15 remote workers and their households to Vanderburgh County using funds matched by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC).
Did you know?
Get Paid to Move! Spots in our program are limited and going FAST!