Monte Skelton

"My mom always tells me the story of when I was younger and I brought two recorders home. She heard me playing in my room and I was playing two at the same time. Even at that age, I was experimenting and trying to come up with weird things to do with music."

It all started in 4th grade when Monte Skelton learned how to play the recorder. Now, the Evansville native plays close to 30 instruments, has his own 'Montourage,' and self-produced his latest album, My World. On the weekends, you'll find Monte jamming out at some local music joints like Mojo's Boneyard, playing to intimate crowds at neighborhood gatherings, like Lincolnshire Porchfest, and everything in between.

When he's not performing, Monte is making a difference in the lives of local kids. He recalls that when he was growing up, private music lessons were too expensive for his family and he relied on influential teachers to push him to his limits. Now, Monte is doing the same for young musicians. He began teaching music when he was 18 years old. Since then, he has been a champion of music education in area schools, participated in not-for-profit music programs, and he currently teaches lessons at Evansville Music Academy.  

This is Monte Skelton - forever stronger, forever wiser.