They know our community better than anyone - that's because they've lived here their whole lives. These are the stories of southwest Indiana locals who are making their place in the place they call home. You can share your story, too.

Working together

That's what makes 'e' for everyone.

Meet Chuck & Gary
Our kind of guy

Create a culture of kindness.

Meet Matt
Break a leg

For people who don't have a voice.

Meet Kensington
Keep on truckin'

If you want to start something, start it here.

Meet DeAndre
Lend your voice

Speak for those who are overlooked.

Meet Darin
Fight for what you love

I love my city.

Meet JarDan
I have a dream

How can we change the world?

Meet Ben
A troop of their own

This is a place to make friends.

Meet Missy
Home team

Making this community a better place.

Meet Don
The beauty of it

I had no idea that what I’m doing could be done here.

Meet Kana
Lifelong local talent

The music culture in Evansville is amazing.

Meet Monte
Game changer

Don’t be scared to have an idea and go for it.

Meet Mo