Where the Wild Things Are.

Although the most famous boats that were made on Evansville’s west side are the LST ships that stormed the shores of Normandy in WWII , some would argue that Mesker Park Zoo’s Monkey Boat would be a close second. It’s referenced in the controversial book Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov. "(a) zoo in Indiana where a large troop of monkeys lived on concrete replica of Christopher Columbus' flagship." This attraction, which was one of the first “moat” style exhibits in the United States is now a bumper boat ride, but the real stars of the show are the animals on display at the constantly evolving 50 acre zoo. Many original buildings are still in use and contrast the modern steel and glass Amazonia rainforest exhibit. Residents and visitors to the Mesker neighborhood take advantage of the park-like setting surrounding the zoo with shelter houses and amenities for outdoor activities. The beautiful historic St. Joseph cemetery is full of beautiful architecture and monuments.

Mesker Park Zoo Aerial

Aerial view of Mesker Park Zoo.