It’s all good in the Goose.

Legend has it the name came from the gaggle of Geese that frequented the adjacent river bottom sloughs. Now, the gaggle is comprised of people and they’re attracted to a much different type of watering hole. Establishments like The Dapper Pig, Bokeh Lounge, and Mo’s House satisfy the crowds in between retail shops and art galleries. This affordable Victorian neighborhood is known for it’s vintage charm and strong sense of community and preservation. Grab a snack at Amy's Fountain View Mini Market and head to Goosetown Park with the kids or sit by the Haynie's Corner Fountain and take in the beautiful architecture of the historic Alhambra Theater.

Goosetown Neighborhood Gallery

Welcome to Mo's House.

At Mo's House you are family. Everyone is welcome and greeted with a "hey yal". It is a place where you respect one another, never question yourself, cuss a little, and love deep. Fine cocktails, craft beer, wines, and good times can be found here. It's the perfect place to bring a date, chat with friends or meet new ones while checking out the newest local artist. Pack a lunch or order in, they don't really care. They just want you to come ready to have a good time and feel like you are at home.

Mo's House

Haynie's Corner Fountain.

The Haynie's Corner Fountain is the centerpiece that connects the Goosetown, Culver and Riverfront Historic District neighborhoods together. 

Haynie's Corner Fountain

Goosetown Park.

Visit the Goosetown Park located at the corner of Putnam Street and Jefferson Avenue.

Goosetown Park Sign
Goosetown Park Gazebo

Alhambra Theatre.

The Alhambra Evansville Theatre is an old neighborhood theatre that serves the Haynie’s Corner area (named after the old Haynie’s Drug Store). The theatre was built on the northeast corner of Parrett and Adams and first opened on September 27, 1913. It was designed by Frank J Schlotter and built in the Moorish Revival architecture.

Alahambra Theatre

Ahead of the Rest & Dapper Pig.

Located next to the Haynie's Corner Fountain, Ahead of the Rest was founded in 2014. They take pride in utilizing recycled material and quality, durable, and stunning fabrics.

The Dapper Pig is a local restaurant that offers you delicious dishes made with a farm-to-table philosophy driving creative energy. Their dishes feature the best ingredients from around the area, prepared right here in the historic district of Evansville, Indiana.

Ahead of the Rest and Dapper Pig

Goosetown Homes.

212 Adams Avenue


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