Where the sidewalks are as wide as the smiles.

Some say it’s a division and some say it’s an artery, but Pigeon Creek looms large on West Franklin street. What legendarily separated east from west, is now a crucial connection. The Evansville Greenway follows the creek right through the West Franklin neighborhood and delivers you to 100ft (wide) of walkable/rideable street and sidewalk that’s still barely enough to contain all the amenities that make it so special. The West Franklin District is a living, breathing and vibrant time capsule that has been a continuous source of pride for Evansville since it’s founding by John and William LAaw, James B. MAcCall, and Lucius H. SCOtt as the town of Lamasco in 1837. There’s nowhere else in the city where our distinct German heritage plays such a perfect backdrop to festivals, food, shopping and nightlife. Where the Hartmetz brothers gave rise to our rich brewing heritage, in the Franklin Street neighborhood you are never far from a “grosses glas” at a tavern or inn where you can sing “The Schnitzelbank Song” with friends and strangers.