The Village in the City.

Historically a Civil War refugee camp, the residents of Blackfords Grove seek refuge in art, history and a sense of front porch neighborhood pride. Walton’s International Comfort Food and Fidel’s Bourbon Bar & Cigar Lounge anchor the corner of this neighborhood, which has been a leader in championing arts district redevelopment plans. Blackfords Grove contains holds the best examples of residential architecture that Washington Avenue has to offer in Haynie’s Corner, holding creative retail spaces like 6th Street Soapery and StaC Gallery. Patchwork Central is a constant hub of activity and vibrancy, setting the tone for the community as a welcoming village for all people.

Blackfords Grove - Waltons International Comfort Food

Waltons International Comfort Food – Evansville's Comfort food dining destination including BBQ, Brick Oven Pizza, Artisan Sandwiches, Asian Pho & Rice Bowls. Photo available to download for free on the e is for everyone photo library. Credit: Photography by Alex Morgan Imaging.