Because of the plastics industry, Evansville is one of the "plastics capitals of the world."

During WWII, Evansville held two companies that built LSTs and planes which employed thousands of people and provided housing and schooling for families migrating to the area.

There were once 3 libraries built by Andrew Carnegie in Evansville. The West and East branches of the Evansville Public Library are still in operation today. The Cherry branch was demolished in the 1970's.

The riverfront was transformed into a shipyard to produce LSTs during WWII. A workforce of over 19,000 and completed two of these ships per week.

Willard Library es la biblioteca operativa más antigua del estado de Indiana. En funcionamiento desde 1885, no es de extrañar por qué se dice que está embrujado.

Servel, Seeger, and International Harvester all made refrigerators here after WWII and were largely acquired by Whirlpool when they arrived in the 1950's.

Born in Evansville in 1895, Elbert Cox was the first African American Doctor of Mathematics in the world.

Home to the largest furniture company in the world in 1910, Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Company. There were 41 factories employing 2,000 workers.

Orr Iron Company started as a small blacksmith shop and quickly expanded to a 75,000 square foot warehouse that grew alongside the community for 80 years.