Charles T. Hinde was a successful businessman, riverboat captain, and original investor of the Hotel del Coronado. During his lifetime, he moved to Evansville where he became acquainted with the Reid Brothers who designed the Willard Library and the Hotel del Coronado.

Evansville is one of the cities on the "50 Great Places for Early Retirement in the U.S." list.

John Augustus Reitz was an entrepreneur, industrialist, banker, civic leader, and philanthropist in Evansville. He gave millions of dollars to various churches, charities, and educational organizations and opened two schools, Reitz Memorial High School and FJ Reitz High School.

In 2019, ranked Evansville as the hottest city for young millennials.

Born in Evansville, Mary Fendrich Hulman was the wife of Indiana industrialist, Tony Hulman, and matriatch of the Hulman-George family which today controls the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, INDY CAR, and Hulman & Company.

Edward Mead Johnson was one of the co-founders of Johnson & Johnson, a family surgical supply business, and was the founder of Mead Johnson & Company.

A banker, civic leader, and philanthropist, Francis Joseph Reitz was prominent in Evansville's business community. Throughout his life, Reitz gave millions to charitable organizations and helped fund Evansville Collge, now the University of Evansville. You can visit his home, now the Reitz Home Museum, at the First and Chestnut St.

Southwest Indiana was one of three regions awarded $42 million as part of the Indiana Regional Cities initiative that will leverage $926 million of strategic public and private investment.

Aaron Patzer is a Central High School graduate and founder of, a financial management tool with over 10 million users.

Ports of Indiana Mt. Vernon is the 6th busiest inland water port in the US.