our vision

what is a place brand and why do we need one?

The primary goal of this initiative is to generate and elevate a positive perception of Greater Evansville. Based on extensive community listening, the brand is built upon the aspirations you have set for our community.

From your feedback, we created the following vision of Greater Evansville: where vibrant culture and industrial strength come together to create a place where everyone can succeed - where respect for each other and each other's ideas creates opportunity and innovation - through this we become the community of cultural diversity and economic vitality in the Midwest.

Our mission is to create a platform where everyone can connect with someone or something new, find a unique way to contribute to the community, and celebrate together what makes our region great.

what makes us greater evansville?

Greater Evansville channels our energy into creating the kind of change people want to see in their community. We represent the diversity of our stories. Whatever your passion or interest, you can make it happen here.

Greater Evansville is for entrepreneurs, for trailblazers and change-agents, for movers-and-shakers, for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, for people who want to make a fresh start, for people who care about making their corner of the world a better place.

Greater Evansville is ready for you to make your mark — from Franklin St. to TEDx to Haynie’s Corner and beyond — the momentum is real. Join us in our journey.

vibrant energy

With so much to do, see and experience — for every personality and pace — Greater Evansville is bursting with life, buzzing with energy and just begging to be explored. The pace of our city draws in consumers — and fierce talent, too — fueling the economy and boosting the bottom line for business.

thriving economy

Upward and onward — that’s the Greater Evansville way. Steady improvement and reinvestment in our community equals explosive growth that’s good for business — and great for living.

boundless opportunity

Greater Evansville is sized for success, just big enough to provide abundant opportunities for prosperity and personal achievement — and just small enough to allow people and businesses to stand out and make a tangible impact on our community.

cultural diversity

With so many diverse cultures and backgrounds represented within our communities, Greater Evansville is a place where we can experience a global perspective — in life and in business — right in the heart of the Midwest.

bonded by community

There’s no such thing as an outsider here. No matter your interest, age, ability or background, being part of the Greater Evansville community binds us together by purpose and gives each of us our own place to belong as we support each other, back local business and fuel our economy right here at home.