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e is for everyone is a community branding initiative. Our mission is to create a platform where everyone can connect with someone or something new, find a unique way to contribute to the community, and celebrate together what makes our region great. The primary goal is to generate and elevate a positive perception of Greater Evansville. Based on extensive community listening, the brand is built upon the aspirations you have set for our community.


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    connect | contribute | celebrate
    bonded by community

    How can you get involved? 

    There are countless ways to get involved with e is for everyone. Whether it's adding the logo sticker to your car or volunteering to be a Brand Champion, the most important thing is for you contribute in a way that suits your unique talents and interests. You can make an impact in Greater Evansville — organize a trash pick-up, connect with your neighbors, learn about the people that live in a different part of town, post photos from community events and happenings, support local businesses — the possibilities are endless.

    Listen to the official e is for everyone song, Take Me to the River, by Sabrina Newton!

    If you’re like us, you geek out over a well-thought-out logo design. Find out what inspired the logo, learn how you can make your own “e”, and see all the unique e's made so far!

    about the logo

    Who is behind the initiative? Who's paying for it? What are the long-term goals? How can I get involved? Find the answers to these and many other questions on our FAQ page.

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