Let's get the facts straight, there is a lot going on here. Local companies have a global impact. Famous actors and sports figures call southwest Indiana home. We win accolades for being a great place to live. Facts are facts, and here's what you should know about us.

Evansville Regional Airport will be home to the largest solar parking canopy installation in the U.S. This project will provide 50% of the terminal's power and is a testament to EVV's environmental commitment. EVV continues to be one of the fastest-growing regional airports, bringing nearly 1/2 million people in and out of Greater Evansville annually.

Major League Baseball's Gil Hodges was born in Princeton, IN in 1924. He was a respected first baseman of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, and later led the New York Mets to a World Series win as manager.

Victoria National Golf Club was ranked #83 out of 200 international golf courses. It's also ranked #43 on the list of America's top 100 courses.

Southwest Indiana was one of three regions awarded $42 million as part of the Indiana Regional Cities initiative that will leverage $926 million of strategic public and private investment.

Gospel singer Ryan Seaton was born and raised in the area before singing with quartets and gospel groups, and recording a solo album in 2010.

Ports of Indiana Mt. Vernon is the 6th busiest inland water port in the US.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Princeton, Indiana is the sole North American producer of the the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

For the second consecutive year, Evansville ranks as one of the most affordable places to live in America relative to income.